Formula 1 Racing History

The first ever Formula 1 World Championship began with a race at Silverstone on May 13th 1950 and from that day Formula 1 has become one of the top sporting events in the world with millions of fans in every country. Since then the sport has produced some truly legendary racing drivers who are household names. 

The early years of Formula 1 was dominated by road make cars and in particular it was Alfa Romeo who were the top team in those first years. Indeed the first ever World Championship was won by Giuseppe Farina in the Alfa Romeo who just defeated his teammate Juan Manuel Fangio. However, it was Fangio who would go on to become a racing legend as he won the World Championship on no less than 5 occasions in the 50's.

The sport of Formula 1 has undergone a huge amount of changes over the years particularly with the injection of larger sums of money as each year passed. It was 1968 when Lotus painted Imperial Tobacco livery on their cars which introduced sponsorship into the sport. That was a landmark in the sport as from that day sponsorship money would become crucial for the sport of Formula 1 to survive.

Through the 80's and 90's there were some great drivers and teams who captivated not just racing fans but sports fans from across the globe. Those drivers included the great Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and Nelson Picquet who are all multiple World Champions. The 90's saw the emergence of Michael Schumacher who would change the sport through his professionalism and dedication, and would go on to win 7 World Championships which stands as the record by any driver to the current day.