Formula 1 Racing Legends

Formula 1 has produced some great names over the history of the Sport including several multiple winners of the Drivers World Championship. Formula 1 has not only produced big names within the sport but has also produced names that transcend any sport and are legends in any walk of life. Here are a just a few names from that illustrious list of drivers who have changed the sport.

The most successful driver of all time is the brilliant German Michael Schumacher who won the Drivers Championship on a fantastic seven occasions. Schumacher was supremely focused on becoming the best driver possible and although at times his ethics were put into question one thing for sure was that he was the most dedicated driver to ever step into a Formula 1 Car. Michael Schumacher won two Championships with Benetton and five with the Ferrari Team.

Perhaps the most famous driver of all time was the incomparable Ayrton Senna who captured the hearts of fans all around the world with not only his driving ability but his charisma away from the track. The brilliant Brazilian won the World Championship three times as he continuously looked to push himself to find those extra tenths to win every race possible. It was often said that Senna drove like "a man possessed" in his bid to be the best. Senna tragically died when racing at the San Marino Grand Prix when he spun off the track at Imola when predictably leading in 1994.

Jackie Stewart is a three time World Champion and his place in the Formula 1 Hall of Fame is secure as he managed to change Formula 1 for the better nearly all on his own. After seeing several close friends die in the Sport, Jackie Stewart made it his business to improve safety standards that would save countless lives after they had been implemented. Stewart was behind full face crash helmets, seat-belts for drivers and better quality safety barriers which we consider as the norm in this modern age of racing. Alongside that, Stewart was a great driver in his own right and that is without question as he won a hat-trick of titles on the track.

Multiple World Champions

7 - Schumacher
5 - Fangio
4 - Prost
3 - Brabham, Stewart, Lauda, Piquet, Senna
2 - Ascari, Graham Hill, Clark, Fittipaldi, Hakkinen, Fernando Alonso