Formula 1 Live 2013 - TV Coverage

Very few sports can compete with Formula 1 when it comes to viewing figures with millions of fans tuning in to see every race each season. In the UK the BBC have been doing an excellent job of bringing the races to a wider audience, the viewing figures and their coverage has been widely praised for the past couple of years. The Live coverage of the 2013 Formula 1 Season will however change slightly with the BBC now only showing half of the races live to the dismay of plenty of fans.

Formula 1 2013 Drivers Championship Odds

Sky Sports are entering F1 for the first time and have announced they will have a dedicated Formula 1 Channel for the 2012 season where they will show every second live of each practise and qualifying session as well as the races themselves. The new channel on Sky will be one for the F1 purists with hours of TV dedicated to the sport which terrestrial TV simply cannot compete with. The BBC will still be at every race with 10 live races on the channel and the remainder being given the full highlights package with prime time spot.

The new TV deal with Sky has proven controversial in the UK but they do have a track record of delivering top class coverage of big sporting events. All eyes will be on Sky Sports and their new team when the season gets underway while the BBC will be hoping their massive audience sticks with them despite their reduced coverage.

Formula 1 2012 Live TV Coverage Details