Formula 1 Betting Tips 2012

Very few sports have a bigger global audience than Formula 1 with races now taking place in every corner of the world and with that comes plenty of betting activity. The Formula 1 Races come thick and fast through the season and along with that come a wide array of betting markets for punters to get stuck into. There are a number of tips which punters can follow before having an F1 bet in either one of the overall season markets or the individual Grand prix markets which run through the year.

The most popular Formula 1 Betting market is of course the outright Drivers Championship market which we saw Sebastian Vettel dominate in 2011. The German was too good for the field last season but like most we expect the 2012 season to be much more competitive for punters.

One of the most important F1 Tips is to treat each race on an individual basis as certain drivers and teams will have better records at certain tracks than at others. The same can be said of qualifying and the the actual race, we will see some drivers finding more speed on a Sunday for example than on a Saturday or vice versa through 2012 which is always worth considering before having a bet.

F1 Tips 2012

The tips for the Formula 1 2012 season will be made available throughout the year for motor sport punters................